About PGC

Parenting Grand Central is the place dedicated to quality mental health and business practices that benefit clients and psychotherapists. PGC is working hard to facilitate better access to amazing therapists in your community. We are collaborating/ affiliates with attorneys, doctors, fitness instructors, business owners, consultants, online vendors/bloggers, teachers, and psychiatrists to get the word out on our network of psychotherapists. The founder of PGC, Leslie LB Cruz, is a licensed MFT in California whose professional journey began 20 years ago as a relief counselor at a runaway facility in Hawai’i. She funded her Master Degree in Clinical Psychology by jumping into the business world managing business offices and setting up office systems. She utilizes her business and psychotherapy skills sets to continually improve PGC giving you the support you need when you need it improving you and your families lives forever.

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