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Dr. Woods Cook practices in state of Virginia specializing in creating harmony within blended families harnessing the reality that this too can be normal and healthy.


Dr. Cowdery serves as a board member for the AAMFT-CA division as their Associate Representative and she is also a leader for the Bay area Networking district.

Her professional focus is on death, dying, and bereavement, and especially narrative approaches to grief in her practice. She also studies older adults, motherhood, and couples and gender equality.

Publications Include the following:

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Leslie LB Cruz is a mother of four who happens to be a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has spent over thirteen years guiding children of all ages in various settings including schools, mental health/ behaviorally guided classrooms, in homes, workshops, and community systems. Supporting parents and mental health personnel to illuminate children’s greatest potential has been her passion.

Her experience discovering ways for parents to handle an array of mild to severe unsafe behaviors has empowered parents to create family environments they desire. The author believes that people hold the power within themselves to get whatever they want in life. She was inspired to write this book to guide a greater number of parents towards unlocking the Great Parent within themselves.

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