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To all Psychotherapists, Counselors, Social Workers in Private Practice

Are you tired of insurance claims paperwork/submittals and denials?

How would you like to have more money in your pocket without the business task hassles?

Are you looking for pre-qualified, ready to go clients?

Are you sick of dealing with fee collections?

Parenting Grand Central is the place you want to partner with as we are dedicated to quality mental health and business practices that benefit clients and psychotherapists. PGC collaborates/ affiliates with attorneys, doctors, fitness instructors, business owners, consultants, online vendors/bloggers, teachers, and psychiatrists. PGC streamlines psychotherapist’s business tasks, like finding qualified clients, giving you more time to devote to your clients while putting more money into your pocket quickly and consistently. My name is Leslie LB Cruz. I’m a licensed MFT in California whose professional journey began 20 years ago as a relief counselor at a runaway facility in Hawaii. I funded my Master Degree in Clinical Psychology by jumping into the business world managing business offices and setting up office systems. Since then I’ve established an insurance billing company, owned/sold real estate, directed mental health clinics and even created strategic systems to increase productivity and service quality within government funded contracts. Work together with us and we will be your mental health matchmaker and business manager. Let us free up your time to focus on high quality mental health services that transform people’s lives forever.

PGC will support you with the following

  • Intake Paperwork
  • Pre-screening and setting up clients first appointments
  • Management of insurance companies from eligibility to billing
  • Healthcare changes integrated into our business support while keeping you informed
  • Fee collections
  • Increasing your client contact
  • Putting more money into your pocket with sound business practices

PGC has no upfront fees or payments required of you – we don’t get paid unless you get new quality clients from us, it’s a win-win-win situation.

To get started today and receive a highly detailed list of business services, email us at or call 619-405-6719. I look forward to connecting and working with you toward providing quality mental health services for all people we come into contact with.

Download These Forms to Get Started

PGC New Psychotherapist Information

PGC Business Agreement

Weekly Billing & Claims Forms

PGC Weekly Claims & Billing Form – Blank



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